Login Instructions:

A student will need his/her library card number (username) and PIN to log into most resources.
The Library Card number is the capitalized first letter of the student’s last name + his/her student ID number (lunch number). The PIN is the two-digit month and two digit day of the student’s birth date.

For instance, if the student is Sylvester Kat, born on August 5, 2007 (08/05/07), Student ID # 1010123, the login credentials are: Library Card – K1010123 PIN – 0805

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Resources for Middle School Students

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Britannica Online for Young Adults

Students can discover a variety of topics from art to technology and more.

Axis360 Middle School Collection

Students can download a book with just a click for class assignments or just for fun.

NBC Learn

NBC Learn is a video collection of news stories provided by NBC News. The brief videos cover a wide range of subjects including current events and STEAM related topics.

Popular Science

Popular Science covers the new and emerging developments in science and technology.

Brainfuse Homework Help

Get live online homework help, skills building, writing assistance, and more. Live help is available 24/7.